A WHOLE person program for homeless Veterans reuniting them to their surrounding Community with help from their fellow Veterans

Where a house can become a home -friends family and dreams reality

A Warrior's Way stands beside and behind 

the men and women who fought for our country 


 A Warrior's Way is a place where you can

find a bed to safely lay your head

gain strength by sharing experiences and struggles, 

face life's challenges and celebrate the victories together


A Warrior's Way is a place where you can

get connected with the VA and other organizations 

get support and resources for daily life activities

get assistance with employment and education


A Warrior's Way is a place where you

find that a house can become home

find that friends can become family

and dreams become reality

In TODAY'S World


Veterans understand Veterans

Therefore, the best people to help us is our brother and sisters in arms


A Warrior's Way is here to assist you reach your personal goals.  Everyone accepted in the houses have pledge to make a 3 month, 6 month and 1 year plan for their lives.   These are your goals, your decisions and your work down the path you choose. The staff will be available and continually assess your plan, as we walk side by side with you.   These homes are clean and sober and safe place for Veterans to focus


Our hope is that Veterans will take full advantage of this opportunity.


A Warrior's Way will provide


Case Management Assist

with 3mo/6mo/1year goals

Safe/Clean & sober Housing​

$375/mo (Utilities included)


A Warrior's Way assists with

  • Community Resources

  • Veteran Affairs Connection

  • Employment Assistance

  • Educational Assistance

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Folger-Wolfe Project

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is as much your program as it is ours.  We get inspired by the selfless service of Veterans and the boundless courage of our brothers and sisters to not only overcome their combat scars but also to face head on everyday' life challenges

2019 FOLGER-WOLFE Project presents A WARRIOR'S WAY 501(c)(3)